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Introduction The Alphabet Declension of Masculine O-stem Nouns Present Indicative Active Verbs Declension of Neuter O-stem Nouns Declension of the Article Declension of Feminine O-stem Nouns Present/Imperfect Indicative of εἰμί Declension of Feminine A-stem Nouns Adjectives Declension of Masculine A-stem Nouns Prepositions Personal Pronouns Present Indicative Passive Verbs Present Indicative Middle Verbs Deponent Verbs Compound Verbs Infinitives Objects of Verbs Imperfect Active Verbs Imperfect Middle and Passive Verbs Conjunctions: καί and οὐδέ Future Active and Middle Verbs First Aorist Active/Middle Verbs Second Aorist Active/Middle Verbs Aorist Passive Verbs Future Passive Verbs Third Declension Nouns Liquid Stem Nouns Mute Stem Nouns Syncopated Nouns Vowel Stem Nouns Third Declension Neuter Nouns Present Participle Aorist Active/Middle Participle Aorist Passive Participle Perfect Tense Subjunctives Conditional Sentences Imperative Mode Contract Verbs Pronouns Adjectives Positive, Comparative, Superlative Adjectives -MI Verbs Article Infinitive Principle Parts of Verbs Verb Forms Prepositions Verb Endings Reverse Verb Endings Vocabulary list

Lesson 2

  1. fruit and bread
  2. words of a law
  3. a crowd of angels
  4. an apostle is a man
  5. apostles are men
  6. Moses is a man
  7. Is Mark an apostle?

Did that last sentence fool you? Remember the semicolon is the Greek punctuation for a question mark.

Don't put "the" in any of these sentences. You haven't learned the word for it.

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Lesson 3

  1. the brother of the messenger sees the apostles
  2. you know the marriage of the slave
  3. men destroy the throne with stones
  4. we find bread and wine in the house
  5. I have a son
  6. I speak words to the crowds and you throw stones in the river
  7. we receive laws of the apostles
  8. the son stops time and the crowd stops the marriage
  9. we send bread, fruit, and wine to the slaves
  10. the crowds flee and the friends of the messenger lead the slaves to the place of the throne.
    the apostles write a book to the priest you find the garment in the boat