abandon abandon oneself abandoned (infants) abandonment abase abasement abashed, to be abate abate from Abba abdomen abhor abide abide (someone) abide in the field abide with abiding by ability ability, have financial ability, to the best of his ability to do something ability to talk abject abjuration able able, make able, to be able to able to, to be (+Infin) able to accomplish able to germinate able to judge able to quench able to see ablution ablution, perform ablution, without ably abnegate abode abode, change of abolish abolition abominable food, eat abominable food, eating abominable wickedness abominable abominable, thing put far away as abominable, to be abominable, utterly abominate abomination abomination, to be abortion abortion, cause an abortionist abound abound, cause to abound exceedingly abound much more abounding with about about (e.g., ἀπέθανον κατὰ ἑξακισχιλίους ἄνδρας - about 6000 men died) about (e.g., about a hundred) about (he was about 50 years old) about (it was about midnight) about (with numbers, e.g., about 500 men) about, around (he went around about Athens) about noon about the law about the midst about to above above, to be above (i.e., something mentioned previously) above all above and beyond above ground above measure above others above the sky abridge abridged abridgement abroad, go abroad, live abroad, living abroad, spread abroad, to be abrogation abrupt abrupt change abruptly absence absence of (something), notice the absence of, in the absent absent, to be absent, yearn after what is absent from physical labour absolute absolute master of (someone) absolute monarch absolute power absolute sway absolutely absorbed by, to be absorbed in, to be absorbed with abstain abstain from abstain from food abstain from food (religiously) abstain from wine abstemiously abstinence abstinent from food (religiously) abstinence (from food whether voluntary or religious), esp., the fast of the Day of Atonement abstract humanity absurd absurdity absurdly abundance abundance, bring forth in abundance, have an abundance, in full abundance of men abundant abundant supply abundantly abundantly, super abuse abuse (someone) abuse boys abused, to be abusive abyss abyss, gaping