top Ωσ- names
Ὤς, Ὧς
  • Meaning: Uz
  • Note: Son of Aram (Gen 10:23)
  • Note: Son of Dishan (Gen 36:28; 1Chron 1:42)
Ὠσά, Ὠσᾷ, Ὡσὰ
  • Meaning: Hosah, Arza
  • Note: Hosah: descendant of Merari, father of Shimri (1Chron 26:10,11,16)
  • Note: Arza: the house where Elah was drinking when he was killed (1Kings 16:9)
  • Note: Hosah: a town on the Asher border south of Zidon (Josh 19:29)
  • Meaning: Hoshaiah
  • Note: One of the leaders who celebrated on the wall (Neh 12:32)
Ὠσαίας, Ὡσαίας
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Sing Masc
  • Meaning: Osaias, Hosaias
  • Note: In LXX he is Osaias, but in English he is Jeshaiah (Ezra 8:19; 1Esdras 8:47)
  • Forms:
  • Meaning: Hashum
  • Note: One of those who stood with Ezra (Neh 8:4)
  • Meaning: Hoshama
  • Note: Son of Jeconiah
  • Concord: 1Chron 3:18
  • Meaning: Hoshama
  • Note: Son of Jeconiah (1Chron 3:18)
  • Meaning: Hushah
  • Note: Son of Ezer (1Chron 4:4)
Ὠσάρ, Ὡσάρ
  • Meaning: Ezer, Osar, Hosar
  • Note: Son of Seir; father of Bilhan, Zaavan, and Jaakan (1Chron 1:38, 42)
  • Meaning: Hoshea
  • Note: Officer over Ephraim (1Chron 27:20)
Ὠσηέ, Ὡσηέ
  • Meaning: Hosea, Joshua, Hoshea
  • Note: Joshua of Beth Shemesh: when being transported, the ark came to his field (1Sam 6:14,18)
  • Note: Hoshea: son of Elah who killed Pekah and ruled Israel (2Kings 15:30; 17:1-18:10)
  • Note: Hosea: prophet and son of Beeri (Hosea 1:1ff; Rom 9:25)
  • Note: Hoshea: one of the leaders of the people who endorsed Nehemiah's covenant (Neh 10:24)
  • Meaning: Hushim
  • Note: Wife of Shaharaim (1Chron 8:8)