top Ωβ- names
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Sing Masc
  • Meaning: Abdi, Obadius
  • Note: Elam's descendant who had married a foreign wife (1Esdras 9:27)
  • Meaning: Obed
  • Note: Obed: Son of Boaz and father of Jesse; grandfather of David (1Chron 2:12; Luke 3:32)
  • Note: Obed: Son of Ephlal and father of Jehu (1Chron 2:37)
  • Note: Eber: One of the leaders of Gad (1Chron 5:13)
  • Note: Eber: Son of Elpaal (1Chron 8:12)
  • Note: Eber: Son of Shashak (1Chron 8:22)
  • Note: Obed: One of the men who came to David at Ziklag (1Chron 11:47)
  • Note: Obed: Son of Shemaiah (1Chron 26:7)
  • Note: Obed: Father of Azariah (2Chron 23:1)
  • Note: Abda: Son of Shammua (Neh 11:17)
  • Note: Abda: son of Shammua (Neh 11:17)
  • Note: Obed: One of David's mighty warriors (1Chron 11:47)
  • Meaning: Ebed
  • Note: Son of Jonathan who left Babylon (Ezra 8:6)
  • Meaning: Obil
  • Note: An Ishmaelite who had charge of the camels (1Chron 27:30)
  • Meaning: Oboth
  • Note: One of the places Israel encamped during the wilderness wanderings (Num 21:10; 33:43)