top Λι- names
  • Parse: Noun: Nom/Voc Sing Masc
  • Meaning: Lebanon
  • Note: in lower case: incense, frankincense
  • Note: A mountain range in Syria forming a valley (Josh 11:17)
  • Note: Middle-eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea north of Israel
  • Forms:
  • Meaning: Libertines, Freemen
  • Note: Opponents of Stephen (Acts 6:9)
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Plur Masc
  • Meaning: Libyans
  • Note: Natives of a country of the Ludim in North Africa along the Mediterranean west of Egypt (Jer 46:9)
  • Forms:
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Sing Fem
  • Meaning: Libya
  • Note: The country of the Ludim, a large tract along the Mediterranean, to the west of Egypt (Gen 10:13; Acts 2:10)
  • Forms:
  • Meaning: Linus
  • Note: Member in church in Roman who remained faithful to him (2Tim 4:21)
  • Meaning: Lisan, Dishan
  • Concord: 1Chron 1:38