top Ιη- names
  • Meaning: Jehu, Jeu
  • Note: Son of Obed and father of Azariah (1Chron 2:38)
  • Meaning: Jehu
  • Note: Benjamite slinger who joined David at Ziklag (1Chron 12:3)
  • Parse: Name
  • Meaning: Jesias
  • Meaning: Joshua
  • Note: Son of Nun (Deut 3:21)
  • Meaning: Jeshua
  • Note: Jeshua: A segment of those of Pahath-Moab who came out of captivity (Ezra 2:6)
  • Note: Joshua: son of Nun
  • Meaning: Jisshiah
  • Note: One of 30 mighty men of David (1Chron 12:6)
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Sing Masc
  • Meaning: Joshua, Jeshua, Jesus
  • Note: Joshua: the son of Nun, successor to Moses (Ex 17:9)
  • Note: Jeshua: One who came with Zerubbabel (Ezra 2:2)
  • Note: Jeshua: a priest, son of Jozadak (Ezra 3:2)
  • Note: Priests of of the sons of Jedaiah who came out of captivity (Ezra 2:36)
  • Note: Jeshua: One of the Levites who endorsed Nehemiah's covenant (Neh 10:10)
  • Note: Jesus Christ (the Messiah) (Matt 1:21)
  • Note: Son of Eliezer and father of Er (Luke 3:29)
  • Note: Jewish Christian surnamed Justus (Col 4:11)
  • Note: Jesus: Priest ancestor (along with Jeddu and Sanasib) of 972 who came out of captivity (1Esdras 5:24)
  • Note: Jessue: Ancestor (along with Cadmiel, Banuas, and Sudias) of 74 who came out of captivity (1Esdras 5:26)
  • Note: Jeshua: Family of priests who had foreign wives (1Esdras 9:19)
  • Note: Jesus ben Sirach: son of Eleazar; grandson of Sirach; the author of the book titled "Sirach," "Ben Sira," or "Wisdom of Sirach" (Sir 50:27)
  • Note: Jeshua: father of Ezer (Neh 3:19)
  • Note: Jeshua: The chief of the ninth of the 24 courses of priests (1Chron 24:11)
  • Note: Jeshua: Priest under Kore (2Chron 31:15)
  • Forms: