top Εφ- names
  • Meaning: Hamath, Ephaath
  • Note: Capital of Upper Syria (Num 13:21)
  • Meaning: Ephes Dammim
  • Note: A place between Sochoh and Azekah (1Sam 17:1)
  • Parse: Adj: Nom Sing Masc
  • Meaning: Ephesian
  • Note: Pertaining to Ephesus (Rev 2:1)
  • Forms:
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Sing Fem
  • Meaning: Ephesus
  • Note: Capital of proconsular Asia, located on the coast of Ionia
  • Forms:
  • Meaning: Ephebon
  • Note: Surname of Claudius, the messenger of Clement (1Clem 65:1)
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Sing Masc
  • Meaning: Ephra, Abda
  • Note: Abda: father of Adoniram (1Kings 4:6)
  • Meaning: Ephrath
  • Note: Caleb's second wife
  • 1Chron 2:19
  • Meaning: Efradabak
  • Note: Although one codex says it is the name of someone, others (along with the Hebrew) say it is the word for linen workers
  • Concord: 1Chron 4:21
Ἐφραθᾶ, Ἐφραθά
  • Meaning: Ephratah, Ephrathah
  • Note: Second wife of Caleb (1Chron 2:19)
  • Note: Ancient name of Bethlehem in Judah (Gen 35:16)
  • Note: Ophrah: A city of Manasseh, 6 miles south-west of Shechem, the residence of Gideon (Judg 6:24)
  • Note: Ephrathah: founder of Bethlehem (1Chron 4:4)
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Sing Masc
  • Meaning: Ephrathite, Ephrath
  • Note: Natives of the territory of Ephraim (Ruth 1:2)
  • Forms:
  • Meaning: Ephraimite
  • Note: Descendant of Ephraim (1Kings 11:26)
  • Meaning: Ephrathite
  • Note: Descendant of Ephraim (Judg 12:5)
Ἐφραίμ, Ἐφραΐμ
  • Meaning: Ephraim
  • Note: Second son of Joseph and Asenath born in Egypt (Gen 41:52)
  • Meaning: Ephron
  • Note: The Hittite from whom Abraham bought the field and cave of Machpelah (Gen 23:8)
  • Note: One of cities near Bethel that Abijah took from Jeroboam (2Chron 13:19)
  • Note: A city east of Jordan that refused to let the army of Judas Maccabeus pass through (1Macc 5:46)
  • Note: Mount Ephron: located on the border of Judah (Josh 15:9)