top Απ- names
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Sing Fem
  • Meaning: Apame
  • Note: the king's concubine" (1Esdras 4:29)
  • Forms:
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Sing Masc
  • Meaning: Apelles
  • Note: A Christian in Rome to whom Paul sends greetings (Rom 16:10)
  • Forms:
  • Meaning: Apis
  • Note: Egyptian bull deity (Jer 46:15)
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Sing Masc
  • Meaning: Apollinarius
  • Note: Apollinaris of Ravenna (Pap 16)
  • Forms:
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Sing Masc
  • Meaning: Apollophanes
  • Note: A Syrian killed by Judas Maccabeus (2Macc 10:37)
  • Forms:
  • Meaning: Apollyon
  • Note: Greek equivalent to Hebrew Abaddon
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Sing Masc
  • Meaning: Apollonius
  • Note: An elder in the Magnesian church (Ign-Magn 2:2)
  • Note: Son of Thrasaeus, viceroy of Syrian king Seleucus (IV) Philopator over southern Syria and Phoenicia (2Macc 3:5,7; 4:4)
  • Note: Son of Menestheus, ambassador of King Antiochus Epiphanes to the Egyptian king Ptolemy Philometor (1Macc 1:29; 2Macc 4:21; 5:24)
  • Note: Son of Apollonius Gennaus; Syrian governor under Antiochus (V) Eupator (2Macc 12:2)
  • Note: Apollonius Dalus: Syrian viceroy in Coele-Syria (1Macc 10:69ff)
  • Note: Son of Alexander; sent by the Jews to the Romans to gain an alliance
  • Note: Governor of Samaria in the time of Antiochus Epiphanes. He was slain in battle by Judas Maccabeus (1 Macc 3:10,11)
  • Forms:
Ἀπολλώς, Ἀπολλῶς
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Sing Masc
  • Meaning: Apollos
  • Note: A Jewish lawyer from Alexandria who met Paul in Corinth (Acts 18:24; Titus 3:13)
  • Forms:
  • Meaning: Appii
  • Note: Town on the route north to Rome about 70 km from Rome (Acts 28:15)
  • Meaning: Japhletite
  • Note: a clan said to border on the territory of Joseph, but not mentioned elsewhere (Josh 16:3)
  • Meaning: Appaim
  • Note: Son of Nadab; father of Ishi
  • Concord: 1Chron 2:30
  • Parse: Noun: Nom Sing Fem
  • Meaning: Appia
  • Note: Female Christian in Colosse, possibly wife of Philemon (Philemon 1:2)
  • Forms:
  • Meaning: Huppim
  • Note: Son of Ir (1Chron 7:12)
  • Meaning: Apphus
  • Note: Jonathan Apphus: son of Mattathias (1Macc 2:5)