top Ση- names
  • Meaning: Sihon
  • Note: King of the Amorites who lived in Heshbon (Deut 1:4)
  • Note: The whole country on the east side of Jordan from Arnon to Jabbok
  • Meaning: Ziha
  • Note: Family of Nethinim who left Babylon with Zerubbabel (Neh 7:46)
  • Meaning: So, Zoar, Segor
  • Note: So: King of Egypt (2Kings 17:4)
  • Note: Zoar: A town east of the Dead Sea, originally called Bela (Gen 14:2; 19:22ff; Deut 34:3; Isa 15:5)
  • Meaning: People of Sidon, Sidonians
  • Note: Old Phoenician city located between the Lebanon mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea Money was paid to the Sidonians for supplies (Ezra 3:7)
  • Parse: Noun: indeclined Masc
  • Meaning: Seth
  • Note: Third son of Adam and Eve (Gen 4:25; Luke 3:38)
  • Note: LXX translation of (Num 24:17)
  • Meaning: Seir
  • Note: Father of Lotan, Shobal, Zibeon, Anah, Dishon, Ezer, and Dishan (1Chron 1:38)
  • Note: Mount Seir: Mountain on the north border of Judah (1Chron 4:42)
  • Note: Mount Seir: Another mountain of the same name located on the east side of the valley of Arabah (Gen 14:6; 32:3)
  • Meaning: Shiloh
  • Note: Shiloh: town assigned to Ephraim, north of Bethel (Judg 21:19; 1Sam 1:3)
  • Note: Sallu: Benjamite son of Meshullam (Neh 11:7)
  • Meaning: Shelah, Shiloh
  • Note: Shelah: third son of Judah and Shua (1Chron 4:21)
  • Note: Shiloh: town in Ephraim (1Kings 2:27)
  • Meaning: Shelah, Selon
  • Note: Shelah: son of Judah (1Chron 2:3)
  • Note: Shiloh: town in Ephraim (1Kings 2:27)
  • Meaning: Shilonite
  • Note: Shilonite: Resident of Shiloh (1Chron 9:4)
  • Note: Shelanite: Descendant of Shelah (Num 26:16LXX)
  • Note: Shiloni: father of Zechariah (Neh 11:5)
  • Meaning: Zelah Eleph
  • Note: City assigned to the territory of Benjamin (Josh 18:28)
  • Note: LXX has one word while English has two (Josh 18:28)
  • Meaning: Sallai
  • Note: A descendant of Benjamin (Neh 11:8)
  • Parse: Noun: indeclined Masc
  • Meaning: Shem
  • Note: Son of Noah and father of Arphaxad (Gen 5:32; Luke 3:36)
  • Meaning: Amam
  • Note: City assigned to the tribe of Judah (Josh 15:26). Hebrew: (Amam)
  • Meaning: Seron
  • Note: Commander of the Syrian army (1Macc 3:13, 23)