top Hermas: Mandates 1

Mandate 1

1 Πρῶτον πάντων πίστευσον, εἷς , κτίσας καταρτίσας ποιήσας ὄντος χωρῶν, ἀχώρητος ὤν. "First of all, believe that God is One, even He who created all things and set them in order, and brought all things from non-existence into being, Who comprehends all things, being alone incomprehensible.
2 πίστευσον φοβήθητι αὐτόν, φοβηθεὶς ἐγκράτευσαι. ταῦτα φύλασσε, ἀποβαλεῖς πονηρίαν σεαυτοῦ ἐνδύσῃ ἀρετὴν δικαιοσύνης ζήσῃ , ἐὰν φυλάξῃς ἐντολὴν ταύτην. Believe Him therefore, and fear Him, and in this fear be continent. Keep these things, and you shall cast off all wickedness from yourself, and shall clothe yourself with every excellence of righteousness, and shall live unto God, if you keep this commandment."