top 2 Clement ch 1

Chapter 1

1 Ἀδελφοί, οὕτως Χριστοῦ, , κριτοῦ ζώντων νεκρῶν· μικρὰ σωτηρίας . Brothers, we ought so to think of Jesus Christ, as of God, as of the Judge of quick and dead.
2  μικρὰ , μικρὰ ἐλπίζομεν λαβεῖν· ἀκούοντες μικρῶν ἁμαρτάνουσιν, ἁμαρτάνομεν εἰδότες, πόθεν ἐκλήθημεν τίνος ὃν τόπον, ὑπέμεινεν Ἰησοῦς παθεῖν ἕνεκα . And we ought not to think mean things of our Salvation: for when we think mean things of Him, we expect also to receive mean things. And they who listen as concerning mean things do wrong; and we ourselves do wrong, not knowing whence and by whom and unto what place we were called, and how many things Jesus Christ endured to suffer for our sakes.
3 τίνα δώσομεν ἀντιμισθίαν, τίνα καρπὸν ἄξιον αὐτὸς ; πόσα ὀφείλομεν ὅσια; What recompense then shall we give unto Him? Or what fruit worthy of His own gift to us? And how many mercies do we owe to Him!
4  φῶς ἐχαρίσατο, πατὴρ υἱοὺς προσηγόρευσεν, ἀπολλυμένους . For He bestowed the light upon us; He spoke to us, as a father to his sons; He saved us, when we were perishing.
5 ποῖον αἶνον δώσομεν μισθὸν ἀντιμισθίας ἐλάβομεν; What praise then shall we give to Him? Or what payment of recompense for those things which we received?
6 πηροὶ διανοίᾳ, προσκυνοῦντες λίθους ξύλα χρυσὸν ἄργυρον χαλκόν, ἔργα · βίος ὅλος ἄλλο ἦν εἰ θάνατος. ἀμαύρωσιν περικείμενοι τοιαύτης ἀχλύος γέμοντες ὁράσει, ἀνεβλέψαμεν ἀποθέμενοι ἐκεῖνο περικείμεθα νέφος θελήσει. We who were maimed in our understanding, and worshipped stocks and stones and gold and silver and bronze, the works of men; and our whole life was nothing else but death. While then we were thus wrapped in darkness and oppressed with this thick mist in our vision, we recovered our sight, putting off by His will the cloud wherein we were wrapped.
7 ἠλέησεν σπλαγχνισθεὶς , θεασάμενος πολλὴν πλάνην ἀπώλειαν, μηδεμίαν ἔχοντας σωτηρίας, εἰ παρ᾿ . For He had mercy on us, and in His compassion saved us, having beheld in us much error and perdition, even when we had no hope of salvation, except that which came from Him.
8 ἐκάλεσεν ἠθέλησεν ὄντος . For He called us, when we were not, and from not being He willed us to be.