top 1 Clement ch 2

Chapter 2

Corinthian church demonstrated humility

1 Πάντες ἐταπεινοφρονεῖτε ἀλαζονευόμενοι, ὑποτασσόμενοι μᾶλλον ὑποτάσσοντες, ἥδιον διδόντες λαμβάνοντες. ἐφοδίοις Χριστοῦ ἀρκούμενοι, λόγους ἐπιμελῶς ἐνεστερνισμένοι σπλάγχνοις, παθήματα ἦν ὀφθαλμῶν . And you were all lowly in mind and free from arrogance, yielding rather than claiming submission, more glad to give than to receive, and content with the provisions which God supplies. And giving heed unto His words, you laid them up diligently in your hearts, and His sufferings were before your eyes.
2 οὕτως βαθεῖα λιπαρὰ ἐδέδοτο ἀκόρεστος πόθος ἀγαθοποιΐαν, πλήρης ἔκχυσις ἐγίνετο· Thus a profound and rich peace was given to all, and an insatiable desire of doing good. An abundant outpouring also of the Holy Spirit fell upon all;
3 μεστοί ὁσίας βουλῆς, ἀγαθῇ προθυμίᾳ εὐσεβοῦς πεποιθήσεως ἐξετείνετε χεῖρας ὑμῶν παντοκράτορα , ἱκετεύοντες αὐτὸν ἵλεως γενέσθαι, τι ἄκοντες ἡμάρτετε. and, being full of holy counsel, in excellent zeal and with a pious confidence you stretched out your hands to Almighty God, supplicating Him to be propitious, if unwillingly you had committed any sin.
4 ἀγὼν ἦν ἡμέρας νυκτὸς ἀδελφότητος, σώζεσθαι ἐλέους συνειδήσεως ἀριθμὸν . You had conflict day and night for all the brotherhood, that the number of His elect might be saved with fearfulness and intentness of mind.
5 εἰλικρινεῖς ἀκέραιοι ἀμνησίκακοι . You were sincere and simple and free from malice one toward another.
6  στάσις σχίσμα βδελυκτὸν ἦν . παραπτώμασιν ἐπενθεῖτε· ὑστερήματα ἴδια ἐκρίνετε. Every sedition and every schism was abominable to you. You mourned over the transgressions of your neighbors: you judged their shortcomings to be your own.
7 ἀμεταμέλητοι ἀγαθοποιΐᾳ, ἕτοιμοι . You repented not of any well-doing, but were ready unto every good work.
8  παναρέτῳ σεβασμίῳ πολιτείᾳ κεκοσμημένοι πάντα φόβῳ ἐπετελεῖτε· προστάγματα δικαιώματα πλάτη ἐγέγραπτο.
Being adorned with a most virtuous and honorable life, you performed all your duties in the fear of Him. The commandments and the ordinances of the Lord were written on the tablets of your hearts.